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Casino Quest Academy was created to give dealers and players a go-to source for permier gaming education.

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David and Alex

Casino Quest® Is the Public Education arm of Casino Education Group (CEG)

The Casino Quest Story

Alex, a Las Vegas native and decade-long casino VIP dealer (Wynn, Cosmo) and supervisor (Gold Coast, Hard Rock), founded CEG Dealer School in 2013. Against a chorus of negativity, an early eviction, and more than a dozen competitors, Alex kept CEG alive and thriving despite every obstacle.

David, a former homeless Vet, found his future in Las Vegas at an early age. From his first job dealing a 25 cent dice game at the Golden Gate to a career that spanned 12 more casinos and 28 years, David forged a new path with Alex in 2017.

Together, Alex and David have found success. Now on its 3rd expansion, CEG offers 23 tables, 14 instructors and a network of 36 casinos for job placement.

On one very random day, a guy named Brent called from the Fashion Show Mall. In fact, Alex and David thought it was a prank call. Eventually they got around to a meeting, worked out some logistics and talked to their students and graduates about participating in a gaming showcase for March Madness at the CEG and Fashion Show Mall held a fantastic event and guess what? ALOT of people had fun, lots of fun, and so did our dealers and staff.

Enter that guy Brent again with another idea and some space at the Fashion Show Mall.
From some numbers on a napkin, a little sweat, all of their savings and a few well-placed friends, the work began on a place where you can learn to play or master casino games without risking real money, where you can enjoy a comfortable, friendly environment, away from the smoke, bosses and sometimes unforgiving players.

That place is now Casino Quest Las Vegas @ Fashion Show Mall!

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